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How to reduce fraud marriage?

I have a lot of guy friends (foreigners) who marry American Citizens to get a green card for themselves. Most of the time they stay married till they get their citizenship. I am appalled by the lengths they go to. My friends lie to the women they marry that they love them, buy them nice […]


Why are republicans more concerned about the profits of health insurance companies than the well being of?

American citizens? We could easily convert our system and put all Americans on Medicare which is paid through taxes, then hire enough regulators to police people like the Medicare Fraud King, gov. Rick Scott of Florida and thieves like him. Republicans seem to have every excuse in the book as to why not, but no […]


So forgery and fraud are now okay, right? As long as you came here illegally?

Since it is so easy to find a "back" way into the United States (knowing full well it is against this country’s laws) AND pay off anyone in mexico for things such as grades or other necessities needed for american services (NOT making this up…heard it from an illegal immigrant’s daughter’s mouth)… Why stop there!?! […]


The selling of the American Worker – H1B visa fraud?

When the H1-B visa program was created, it was intended to bring people with skills that are in short supply into this country to work. Watch this video as lawyers from Cohen & Grigsby tell employers how to post jobs with the specific intent of not hiring American workers so they can import cheap scab […]


What do illegals and their advocates think of the principles of

What is your opinion on these principles? Does this not prove that it is not just "white America" that is against illegal aliens? Should this be the principles for all All American citizens and Immigrants? __________________________________________________________ Our Principles We are Americans of Hispanic heritage who believe in America. We believe in the governmental institutions and […]


Why can't Obamaphiles see that Obusha is a fraud?

He’s good for the corporate oligarchy, and very bad for the working class. He’s bad for the environment. Just take a look at his failure to respond to The Deep Water rig gusher. He’s good for war and bad for world peace: -He’s increased and extended the wars, not ended them. He has already broken […]


Is having good relations with illegals worth all these consequences?

The Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Attorney General and numerous other senior law enforcement officials throughout Utah are determined to maintain good relations with Utah’s rapidly growing illegal alien community. This may be good for the illegal aliens, but it is bad for Utah citizens because illegal immigration and identity theft go hand-in-hand. According to a […]


Do you think America will get as bad off as say:Iraq,Iran,Mexico,Etc.?

Our govt spends more money on foreign interests and helping illegal immigrants and supporting big business against the wishes of the American citizens and with our tax dollars. How can this continue once we are all out of work. Not to mention victimizing us with all other corruption and scams we sometimes hear about in […]


Are illegal aliens committing more cases of fraud with social security numbers?

We keep reading more and more arrest with people using fake or forged social security numbers, how can the U.S. fight against this fraud? what would be your solution to this problem? Are cases of fraud not being reported enough in the news because if American citizens knew how many illegals commit this crime, they […]


On what grounds can someone be extradicted to United States from Canada for a crime committed in Canada?

I read about someone involved in telemarketing fraud in Montreal who headed a multi million dollar crime ring targetting elderly AMerican citizens but the crime was based and done out of Montreal…… The Americans have gotten the courts and the RCMP to issue an extradiction warrant for Joseph Taillon…. he is now on the run, […]

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