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What do illegals and their advocates think of the principles of

What is your opinion on these principles? Does this not prove that it is not just "white America" that is against illegal aliens? Should this be the principles for all All American citizens and Immigrants? __________________________________________________________ Our Principles We are Americans of Hispanic heritage who believe in America. We believe in the governmental institutions and […]


Binomial z-score question!! Help please!! need explanation please?

ABC has many of thousands of employees and 10% "knew" that books were being illegally altered. Assuming the employees will tell the truth if offered amnesty from prosecution, what is the probability more than 30 out of 200 surveyed at random will admit to knowing about the fraud?? ——————————————— answer key: n= 200 p= 0.1 […]


Isn’t Congress underhandedly pushing amnesty for illegal aliens in her AgJOBS amendment?

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to attach an amnesty amendment to the Iraq supplemental spending bill. It provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agriculture workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does’t count spouse & kids, bringing the total amnesty to about 3 million. The illegal alien would have to show he […]


Are the Democrats sneaking through illegal alien amnesty in an Iraq supplemental spending bill?

The amendment that passed provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agricultural workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does not include spouses and children, who would bring the total amnesty to a total of about 3 million. Once an illegal alien meets minimal qualifications, he would be entitled to: Bring his spouse […]


Hss anyone actually LOOKED at this immigration reform bill? How can you NOT call this amnesty?

OK, people get mad when we say that the bill being proposed grants amnesty to illegal aliens, but have you tried to read it? They are getting more benefits than US citizens get!! OK, they have to pay a k fine, but look what they get in return! I spent an hour or two combing […]

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