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Where can one report a business owner of fraud and customer discrimination ( charging different repair prices?

The owner of a tire & auto repair shop, has been using "false" statements regarding its employees of having ASE Certificates, when they do not. Charging customers more or less, depending on gender, color,race or how much money they make. Owner’s children, who also work there, are secretly watching employees via cameras, while working. not […]


Legal Advise Needed for Online Fraud – I’m an Ebay Seller?

I am a Ebay Seller that selles Cell Phone & Aceessories. I don’t use paypal, but a credit card merchant acct. Recently my merchant acct got suspended for 180 days. Caused of suspension? increase of voulme and high risk product. Now, my acct has been suspended for about 2 weeks. In the mean time, I […]


is allowing the illegal parents of a child born in America to remain in the US, good for everyone involved?

should they all be repatriated to their country of origin since the childs a minor & should remain w/them. allowing them to return only when they have gone thru proper INS procedures? allowing the child back in when theyre of age to return legally on their own. since their parents have already commited fraud how […]


Is there a universal safety rating system for websites beyond child protection?

I know there are such systems to protect children, but I am interested whether a more comprehensive system exists that tracks the authenticity, legitimacy of the stated purpose of the site, whether the site is being used for fraud & abuse, cyber stalking, hacking and other internet crimes, and whether the claims, and promises, made […]


Need some legal advice here?

Hey guys, an old credit card debt I had got put into collections with Vandenburg & Chase associates.. well I haven’t had a call from them in 3 months.. well suddenly, they started beginning to call all my family members.. they said they did a search and it came up with my family.. so they […]


How do I get Norton 360 to understand that my Phishing filter IS on??

I’ve very recently installed Norton 360 on my computer. It tells me that my Internet Explorer phishing filter is not on, when it IS. I’ve also got the alert on too if I’m in a site that might be insecure. I don’t know how to resolve this issue with Norton & I’d appreciate anything you […]


Child Support Fraud ???

I had 4 checks lost or stolen so i called & they told me that "I" called on aug 28th and changed my address !!! so my checks have been sent 2 another address. Now everytime you call they ask for all your info name,address,phone,ss#, & d.o.b?? so sounds like someone has all my info […]


Paternity Fraud in the State of Kentucky?

Biological mother place her boyfriend on the birth certificate of her child knowing he was the the biological father. Is this considered paternity fraud and what are the penalties? error: was NOT the biological father of the said child! The biological father was coming forward asking for a DNA, but mother put her boyfriend on […]


Can an Immigration lawyer be held accountable for misfiling?

Scenario:Hungary woman (w/ young daughter) & American wed in 2000. Present day 2007-Mom & American still married by law, Hubby incarcerated for one year. They could not make the interview regarding the "alien relative petition" due to his jail time. The appointed lawyer (since inception & paid in full) advised of Hubby’s inability to appear, […]


i know that them “grant writing service” are scams, SO how do i go about getting grant money for a business?

I search through most of the gov. grants web pages, such as grantgov. &….ect the two grants that i would like to apply for is a small business grant and a project grant for decreasing the violent gun crimes in chicago. i know that free money is hard to get, but i need some […]


Australian Internet dating sites & Nigerian email scams for flights home?

I have come across two very attractive profiles of ladies apparently from Australia wanting assistance to arrive home from Nigeria. Are they all scams & how can you tell ? Ever heard of Linda Lopez or Vanessa Johnson ?


BBB accredited job sounds too good to be true?

On you put in ur zip code & it gives u a huge list of places nearby that are hiring. i’ve applied almost everywhere in my city and still no luck. But i got a call and email about a telemarketer-type position with a company called ASP (they sell dental insruance). All u have […]


I need a Re feral for a Real-estate Lawyer, who specializes in Predatory-Leading and Fraud.?

I am a guy who owned his own home for 35 yrs, and got de-frauded on a equity-loan by Town & Country. I need to know when the time-table starts and how long I have to file, for R.E. fraud. I just became aware that my house had been foreclosed on I was applying for […]


Fraud By Extended Family Foster Carriers .?

Extended Family during 1999 had Procured a Social Worker related to them to Work with My Partner and Her Son , I met my Partner and her Child in 2000 . My Partner did Not Know that this Social Worker was related to them . Extended Family , made False allergations through this S.W. about […]


Does anyone know about this scam ?

New Credit Card Scam .. Snopes says this is true. This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard […]

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