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Fired for no reason, Stolen Property, Tax Fraud?

I was hired from a job web site for AuPair’s. The site is based in Nevada, I lived in Ca. the job is in PA. I worked for 15 days with no time off. was not told the truth about how the children really were. ie:hitting, bites, screams, hits animals, steals, knives having to put […]


Will someone please explain to me about Social Security Fraud?

I need to know what happens when a parent does Social Security Fraud. For example: let say the child is getting social security because of the deceased parent.and they go to live with another relative for a year or 2. what would be the consequences. What happens to the parent or the child. and if […]


Fraud cheque paid into my account-please read?

Ok. Up until today i had my own account and a joint account with my partner at yorkshire bank. We have never had any problems with them in the past, had not defaulted on our accounts and always had regular wages/benefits going in. We recently started an animal re-homing service which we have been running […]


Can I sue my son’s stepfather for taking my child support payments knowing well he is the biological father?

My ex and I divorced in 2000. Within the marriage we had two boys (now 14 & 10). Four months ago, through DNA and her own admission, I found out they are not mine biologically and in fact are results of indiscretions with two different men. I’ve paid child support for both and during that […]

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