If a U.S. born female marries a man who lies about his status & intentions, can she be held responsible?

She never signed any INS forms, the marriage never even got beyond the ceremony, because the groom disappeared & had no contact with the broken hearted girl until he decided to contact her apx 6 months later to tell her to sign his paperwork so he could stay in the US as a student & […]


How does an annulment work?

Been married only for several months and I am seeking an annulment on grounds of fraud. We had agreed that we were going to have children within the first few months but based on certain factors, we did not. The main factor is that my spouse only used contraception during intercourse. We have recently split […]


going through a divorce. Do I get a "big gun" or get someone cheaper?

basically do i get a high dollar atty to seek an annulment based on fraud, costing me 7500retainer/25,000 total if litigated or do i get a cheaper lawyer who knows immigration law and immigration fraud very well with an initial retainer of 1000 and a total of 8000 if litigated? this is a big price […]

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