best software to prevent phishing and someone putting a keylogger on my computer?

somehow someone got my credit card numbers, had to be from me ordering online, but i have antivirus and spybot and malwarebytes,, is there anything else to help avoid this again??


when I log onto my yahoo home page, my anti virus says it is a phishing site and blocks access.?

I have used firefox for years and never had problems before. I have used clear the browsing history and cache etc, have run a full system scan using my antivirus, with nothing found. Is anybody else having a similar issue? Thanks


How can i remove/fix a phishing bug from my email?

A recepient of my email message told me that my email has coming in tagged by his antivirus and having some phishing bug in it. So, he may have to reply with a new email every time he need to respond to my email. How can I remove/fix this phishing bug problem? Your help will […]

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