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How much jail time is given when an individual loses an arbitration case against a credit card company?

My best friend has been served with arbitration hearing papers about a credit card bill his parents stopped paying and we need legal advice.


Leasing Agreement (Commercial Property) California: Wrong Square Footage?

My parents had a lease for 20 plus years. The landlord sold the property so we needed to renew the lease. We then found out by the new landlord that the square footage has been overstated for many years by the previous landlord. What can I do? From that point we have spoken to a […]


DO anyone know about union and employment law?

I was fired from my job illegally and my union filed a illegal grivance and it went all the way to a arbitration hearing and they loss the arbitration hearing.The company and my union breached my contract because i was fired when i was on layoff from my company and my contract says discipline is […]


How do I find a good securities fraud attorney?

A brokerage firm/broker invested my money very inappropriately. I have contacted several attorneys, who feel I have a good case/good chance of getting some of my money back. I’ve found attorneys who work on 33% contingency basis, and who do not charge me anything if I do not collect. I would like to be able […]


can i sue a lawyer i believe was involved in conspiracy to do fraud against me?

a group of individuals sued me. i have a strong belief (and facts to back it) that the group conspired to commit fraud, perjured themselves in arbitration, and got a favorable ruling. do i have a case to first sue them in civil court for conspiracy to commit fraud, perjury (which is easily proved). secondly, […]

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