Why did Mark Stroman create fictional sister story and fictional 9/11 revenge story?

Mark Stroman who was put to death by lethal injection yesterday claimed that his sister was killed in WTC and as a result of that he went on a rampage to murder 3 asians (who by the way were not even arab or muslim). Then he said he was fighting terror. Prosecution proved that he […]


Identity theft.?

Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to make identity theft a capital offense? Sentence a few people to death by lethal injection for using someone elses identity and the problem should taper off quite a bit. comments? for all offenses?…. nah that is a bit extreme, but I would support it […]


How have illegal aliens in your town affected you and your family?

More crime? More violence? Identity theft? Public intoxication? Public drug use? Domestic assault? Public fighting? Littering? Vandalism? Graffiti? Burglary? Armed robbery? Fraud? Leeching of public assistance? Once nice neighborhoods, now run down?

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