Why did Mark Stroman create fictional sister story and fictional 9/11 revenge story?

Mark Stroman who was put to death by lethal injection yesterday claimed that his sister was killed in WTC and as a result of that he went on a rampage to murder 3 asians (who by the way were not even arab or muslim). Then he said he was fighting terror. Prosecution proved that he […]


Should Alexandra Wallace be punished for what she said?

I think she was exercising her freedom of speech when she gave her hateful speech targeting Asians Americans. However, as a UCLA student, and Political science major, how can she say something so hateful and thoughtless? I want to ask her, is it wrong for an Asian students to be family oriented? instead of sending […]


What to do about child support fraud?

My teenager wanted to go live with her father earlier this year, so she went. (The father lives out of state.) As he owes ,000 in arrears, apparently, his license was suspended for not paying, and he called a week after she arrived, to ask me to drop the case against him so he could […]

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