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Should I report a company providing legal advice when the employees of the company do not have a law license?

I was formerly employed by a company that provides immigration services and counseling to individuals and companies looking to hire foreign nationals and/or immigrate to the U.S.. While there, it was common practice for non-licensed employees to answer a client’s legal questions and submit legal documents to the government. Furthermore, there were only a handful […]


Mom qualified for medicaid, inherited 2nd home that brother failed to assume. Can he still file an assumption?

Father (husband) refinanced my brother’s home due to his credit qualilfications. He was to assume it, but never got around to do this and dad passed away on 1999. Recently, my mom was qualified for medicaid, but in the event of her death, MERP may affect my brother’s home. MERP will not effect her homestead […]


How can I make a lawyer turn over his records of my late wife's will?

My step daughter has gone insane after her mothers death. The both of us were named as executors of the will. She STOLE my copy of the most recent will,and I filed a report with the sheriff. The sheriff told me that "if" a copy of the other will could be produced,then charges could be […]


when is a person who is under investigation for tax fraud notified that he is under investigation?

ok he’s under investigation, and the case has been referred for prosecution, this is already a known fact. so, when is he going to be notified that he’s under investigation, if at all, and at what point do they arrest? if at all. it’s for tax fraud, lying about deductions, money laundering, drug dealing, etc… […]

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