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is this fraud enlistment?

if i modify my medical records and give them to my new doctor and he doesnt have any records of me being treated after 13 for asthma and i have him send in those records for a waiver and it is granted can i get in trouble even though i never lied to the military […]


is you get caught with fraud enlistment?

What would happen if you were to be caught in the military for lying about asthma or something medical like that? Would you go to prison? would you get finned? What?


is this considered fraud enlistment?

i was diagnosed as a child with asthma then i went off to college but never bothered to transfer over to my adult doctor at age 18 now i found out that all my child records from my doctors were destroyed after 3 years so their is no medical record for me when i go […]


is this still fraud enlistment?

i had asthma after a lot of testing and a lot of money spent and faxing my medical records to another country and having them faxed back to my new doctor i was finally able to get asthma off of my medical record so it would take heavy searching to find any trace of asthma […]


Is autism a fraud or is it real?

Kids with disabilities are given more money to help them. It was the same deal with asthma. Why all of the sudden is there suddenly more kids that are autistic? It’s because those families are given more money to help kids that are "autistic." It’s a fraud.


Question about military medical checks?

so a while back when i talked to a recruiter for the marines i was told to lie about having asthma, being on prozac for a year (parents put me on it when they thought i had an issue, took myself off with doctors ok) and seasonal allergies, at meps. well now that i cant […]


I was separated for fraud. Are my chances for re-enlisting good?

I was separated from the Marine Corps for fraudulent enlistment for lying about my asthma and I was told I could re-enlist If I applied for a waiver. I’ve recently tried to enlist into the Army but when I sent my medical screening form I was DQ’d. I’m going to try the Navy next but […]

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