Why are atheists so immoral that they point out when friendly neighborhood churches commit tax fraud?

Remember a couple months ago when the Freedom From Religion Foundation put the "I can be good without God" billboard (and several others) up in Columbus, Ohio? Matrix Media Services, working with Clear Channel, placed that particular billboard in a location that turned out to be on Christ Cathedral Church’s property. If it was public […]


ATHEISTS: Despite saying that he is a fraud, How do you explain these acts OF BENNY HINN?

He has healed countless sick and lame people…………..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBa3gkl6wAQ Also if he is really a fraud then why hasn’t any medical investigation carried out on the people healed by him or why he hasn’t been accused and charged with fraud????? Because people know that he in fact did cure them so explain atheists …………. Also if […]

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