I'm trying to find answers regarding medical histories stored by insurance companies for a disability case.?

Who stores medical histories for insurance companies? Who can access such info? Can my doctor; can I in all cases? Say an insurance company, such as Prudential, knows more about my risks than I did ~ when I purchased life insurance ~. Does a company, like like a large insurance company, keep this info if […]


lawyer lie in court?

I have evidence of falsify police report, insurance fraud, and criminal conspiracy to cover up attempted murder falsify court documents allege briery of a Maryland State Judge and a court transcript that has the defendant omission of her owns husband guilt of his crime of attempted murder and hit and run.


Do you know what former L.A.P.D Officer George Gascon did in 1999?

Case and point: active participation via of conspiracy in collusion with L.A.P.D Detective Marie P. Farrell # 25662 and the Harbor Division L.A.P.D in the forging and altering of over one dozen search and arrest warrants, illicit narcotics activity with his officers[they lost their narcotics division prior to Rampart]. Its one of the largest RICO […]

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