Identidy fraud, Uyghur people in Australia masking 9/11 mentality under protection visas?

I have come across a whole network of Uyghur’s in eastern suburbs Melbourne attending normal state schools: they look like they come in on one visa…perhaps legitimate, and are posing as Afgans…then I found school reports they had actually learn turkish..At different schools UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES TO APPEAR TO BE NEW ARRIVALS AT EACH SCHOOL […]


how to trust again in family and relationship’s?

being raised by grandparents and being sheltered has me brother. I don’t have them to run to no more. Me and my mom don’t get alone really never have. She stolen from me( check fraud) lied to me ( about father) and used me for her personal gain. i don’t know my dad. My son […]


the real deal with jesus? fraud?

i have heard so many different stories/biographies about jesus’s life. we all know how he was born and what he did, at least according to the bible, but recently my auntie, how is like a knowledge freak, told me that she watched a documentary which suggested that jesus has some descendant of king david who […]

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