What happens after you report someone for insurance fraud?

Someone I know completed an owner give up then decided to steal some money from me, so I sent in a report for insurance fraud, so what happens next? The report was sent to the insurance company, the car finance company, state insurance regulators, the NICB org & state arson agency because the car was […]


What kind of Lawyer do I need for Identity Theft?

Ok my boyfriend applied at this job and they did a background check and denied him because he had alot of criminal things possesion of drugs sex offense 2nd dregree blugary auto theft on and on again well we found out that he is Oklahoma Jail right now so we need a lawyer to help […]


Can someone still go to jail for auto insurance fraud after 12 years?

I know this person did it but he was never charged because the insurance company went out of business. Can he still be charged after all this time? Auto theft, about K paid out, car was found by athorities in his mom’s parking spot at her condo. they put two n two together but could’t […]

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