Why do so many people support Hillary Clinton/dems just because Bill's term was so economically great?

Does anyone know that the so-called "economic prosperity" of the 90s was primarily due to a massive amount of FRAUD that was going on in the venture capitalist community? Does anyone even know that the majority of jobs created and businesses started were funded by shady venture capitalists who were propping up online enterprises they […]


I turned myself in to Obama's fascist Website, how about you? Everyone turn themselves in! What will they do?

Subject: I say this, you stinking fascist maggots! KISS MY FORKING ***! COME GET ME! NOW **** YOU! NOW! You know Obama wants you to turn me in for telling you Democrats deliberately ran up health care to take over? That’s right, Obama wants you to turn me in, what do you think they will […]


How easy would it be for a criminal to commit voter fraud in your State if they really wanted to?

I’m of course referring to this story: "Voter ID law heads to Supreme Court" The dispute over Indiana’s voter identification law that is headed to the Supreme Court next week is as much a partisan political drama as a legal tussle. The mainly Republican backers of the law, including the Bush administration, say state-produced photo […]

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