Is dvd box room a scam? (

The first two sentences of the last paragraph is all you need for the question. The rest is just details. I used to order the criminal minds seasons 1-6 dvd box set. I am concerned for a few reasons: 1. Criminal Minds Season 6 isn’t available on DVD until about September 2011. This is […]


Medical ID theft in another state….will the police really do anything to help me? Any other advice?

I’m in Texas, and used to be a resident of Michigan. I moved in 2003. I found out today that someone used my information (my maiden name, date of birth, social security number) to receive medical services at 2 different facilities for their child in 2006 in Michigan. I have not been back to Michigan […]


Is this insurance fraud and should I report it?

I had a very bad experience at my last dentist’s office and walked out. The appointment was for a routine cleaning and exam. The dental hygienist was very rough and rude to me so I asked to see my dentist. They told me she was on vacation! I didn’t understand why they had me come […]

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