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I think my friend is being taken advantage of by an Immigration lawyer?

I have a friend who came form Armenia on a tourist visa and never left. (Bad Idea I know, I know!., but he is an incredible human!) He has been trying to get any sort of legal status for the past 3 years. Almost 3 years later, and 6000 dollars in legal fees. He still […]


Auto Fraud? What should I do?

I purchased a car from a used dealer two weeks ago for ,000. I have had nothing but problems with it since. The first week I had to have the car jumped every day if not twice a day. The car would shake when idle and the RPM meter would jump past 2 or 3. […]


We need to eliminate all welfare programs (from food stamps to child assistance)?

To address the first half of that, the only trusted source in economics, Heritage, proved that the the impecunious are not as poor as they make themselves out to be. According to Heritage, all people living under the poverty level or near it… 99.8% possess a refrigerator 88% own a microwave 45% own their […]


Dangers of allowing someone to use your Social Security number (fraud)…?

In a completely HYPOTHETICAL context…. if my parents asked me to use my SSN for a cousin who couldn’t get his own in the US, how would I best communicate that this is a bad idea. I’m working abroad with an US company. I realize that this is a bad idea just to have other […]


With all the identity theft stuff going on, is it wise to buy something from a door-to-door salesman?

I live in an area where door-to-door sales-people are very abundant due to a University whose students are trying to make money for tuition. I have purchased things from them before using checks, but with the Identity Theft problems going on, I feel like now it is a bad idea. What do you think?

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