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Bank Legal Issues, Monitoring Activity, Income Tax, Etc.?

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I play poker regularly at casinos and make a profit doing so. Right now, I keep my cash in my room at home but I’m concerned with security. I just began playing at the casino since I turned 21 not too long ago, so I only […]


Social Security Card and Checkbook stolen?

Recently my social security card and checkbook were stolen. I have two bank accounts open and one credit card. I have put a fraud alert on my credit for three months and I am going to close both bank accounts tomorrow. Then, I am going to go to social security and replace my card. Is […]


whatever happened to edwin natividad and mayet briones and family?

Edwin Natividad and Mayet Briones designated themselves as the leaders of our Travel Ventures International group in northern California.I signed up for this online internet business on January 5th, 2010 and signed up members of my family on the same day which qualified me for immediate benefits in the form of 0.00 cash and a […]


Can I launch 'other interest caveat' if housemates did fraud to GET the house?

Even though immigration knows, they arent acting.I think I have moved into a house where they have the owners persmission and is in on the scam WITH FAKE IDs. BUT THEY DO NOTHING to show they ARE a landlord or are impersonating others, their names are fake also…I found a few bills in totally different […]


How do i get a bank account without a social security number?

I’m not an illegal alien. I do have a soc security number. I have heard on the news that Illegal aliens can get bank accounts, mortgages, and credit cards without a social security number. I want those privileges too. I don’t understand why I have to have my social security number attached to my bank […]


How do I report a case of identity theft,?

I have a Brother In-Law who, as soon as his father passed away, took out credit cards in his parent’s name. He owes about ,000 on these cards and my Mother In-Law is being hounded for payment. We found out he has several judgments against him so it is clear this is a way of […]


Divorce …. Fraud… and happy govement workers.?

I had unusual marriage well planed by my ex wife to defraud me. Child was born and I personally think it is my biological child. This marriage was ended by divorce in 2002… I had petitioned in the past to pay child support to fight for visitation… It complicates situation because I’m Lithuanian immigrant and […]


Is this considered fraud?

If my attorney told me that he had hired a private investigator to do an asset check on the defendant I’m suing but in court when the judge asks he tells him no, therefore is not properly prepared and lied to me and I got a bad settlement amount because he was believing the low […]


Why is the criminal justice system in America designed as it is?

After years of observation. I have come to the conclusion that ANY LEGISLATION PASSED AT STATE AND FEDERAL LEVEL is passed for only a couple of reasons and those reasons have nothing to do with improving the lives of the American people but always to improve the size and numbers of corporate bank accounts and […]


My SS# may be floating around by accident. What should I do to prevent identity theft in the future?

Moreover, could a credit report show the present of new bank accounts in case someone steal my SS# and open a bank account under my name ?


How do i know if I have been the victim of Identity Theft?

If the individual has my name and SSN#, what can they do? I know they could probably open up credit cards in my name, but I wanted to know could they: Break into my bank accounts? Do backround checks? What else can they do, tell me please if i go to one of those annual […]


How secure from identity theft are bank checking and savings accounts?

I don’t have a credit or debit card, but someone started me worrying about by bank accounts. How can I protect them. When I write a check, anyone handling it can see my name, address, the bank, and the account number.


aside from credit, what is the purpose of identity theft?

im a victim, but ive done all the damage control possible in terms of bank accounts and credit reports. im still wondering what other atrocities the thief could be planning against me. if my credit report is flagged and he or she tries to apply for a cell phone, medical insurance, or book a flight […]

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