How worried should I be about PSN and identity theft?

So I have a PS3 and am signed up to PSN, no bank details but my name and address ECT, with the recent hacking should I be worried about Identity theft


Fraud. Family. Is this terrible of me?

sooo, i’ll try make this short. ever since even my first job at 16 my mother has been stealing money from me. She also asked my boyfriend if she could borrow some money after we were only dating for a week(i didnt know she’d asked but he said yes being all nice) she never gave […]


My ex is using yahoo website to get money from my sick child?

My son is severely disabled. He is 2. My ex and I decided to start a website. I wrote all the details and he made up the website to raise money for my son as I am a single mother and needed extra funds (long story). Tech he owns the site. I found out on […]

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