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identity theft comes with a hefty fee?

a person recently stole my moms bank card and she became a victim of identity theft.the person stealing more than ,000 left her account negative. bank of america claimed to investigate but in the meantime she was being charged for her minus balance hundreds of this ethical?is it possible to defend herself in this […]


Please help me with Bank of America fraud?

Bank of America sent me a letter saying I owe them 2 monthly payments when I already paid them. They said if I don’t pay them then they will put a foreclosure on my home. Please help me! This is ruining my life, I feel so lost and mistreated – I don’t know what to […]


I just got a phishing email from "bank of america" Is there anyone I can report this too?

This kinda makes me mad that some a-hole thinks I will even get my info out like that. Should I email bank of america with the email attached or something? Who should I report this too?


What’s the deal with this phishing expedition?

I only recently opened an account with Bank of America, and ever since I’ve been getting a phishing letter once every couple of days. It actually started happening right after I cashed a bit of money and that surprised me a little, I even thought for a few minutes that it was a real thing. […]


i need some help with Bank fraud?

well to make a long story short i had an account with Bank of America and someone stole 12,000 out of it in another country while i was in the states. i didn’t even have 20 in my account let alone 12,000. the made 4 transactions of 3,000 so why did bank of America let […]


Bank reported me to ChexSystems as fraud!!!?

So here is what happened: I have a tenant that has been writing me a check for the same amount for few years, i’ve been depositing that check into my Bank Of America account most of that time. In January of 2010, i’ve deposited the check just like many times before, money became available to […]


If found guilty, what should be the penalty for CEOs that commit fraud resulting in families losing everything?

N.Y. AG files civil charges vs. Bank of America, two execs


I was wire transferred Fraudulent money I believe but did not find out till I withdrew the cash. What happens?

I recently received a wire transfer from someone who i thought was my friend of a year. He claimed he wanted to transfer the funds then go deliver the funds to his minor son who lived in the city of which i lived. So seeing i thought he could be trusted i gave him my […]


Question about bank of america fraud claims?

Okay I bank with bank of america and i have family that i can not trust they have stolen my bank of america information and made some purchases on my account I filed a fraud claim report and filed a police report now it has happen again I have not clue how they are getting […]


What credit card should I go for citi bank or bank of america?

I have a credit score of 700 and wanting another credit card. I was thinking about citi bank or bank of america. What one should I get? I only have one other credit card from Wumu. I want a credit card that report to the 3 credit bureaus every month. Anyone has either one of […]


What bank has the best security when it comes to identity theft? what are your experiances?

I am currently banking with provident, my parents also have the same bank and both have experienced some sort of identity theft. I want to change banks but i don;t know which is better?..Bank of America, suntrust etc…


Did the Treasury get scammed by the plan to buy up toxic mortgage securities?

Holy crow .. I darn near fell off my chair when I read this one! Is this a good deal for the taxpayer – buying the toxic mortgages for far, far more than their worth, and letting the banks determine how much the taxpayer will pay for them? Read this fascinating article before you answer. […]

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