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Mother committing welfare/child support fraud; can father get custody?

The mother was living in Texas with her two children. She sent her son to live with her ex-husband in April and has still been collecting child support since then. She is also still claiming benefits on BOTH of her children. She now lives in Washington, receives child support & state benefits (from Texas) for […]


Do you think Brian Rosen of Weil Gotshal Manges should be charged with bankruptcy fraud in the WAMU bankruptcy?

Here are details: 187. This is not a picture of a Debtor who assiduously discharged its responsibilities as fiduciaries for all interested parties, shareholders as well as creditors. It is a sorry story of a bankruptcy run in secret, with the knowledge and complicity of the Debtors, for the benefit of a favored few, […]


Is this considered social security fraud?

Here is a situation I need advice on. Chloe* is in college. Her biological father died when she was a very small child. She received SSI benefits until she graduated high school. Her mother remarried a wealthy man when Chloe was eight. Chloe was kicked out of the house as soon as she turned eighteen, […]


Employee trust fund fraud?

I came across some documents at my workplace. Former employees were the beneficiaries for a trust fund or some type of stock dividends (a few bucks total for each employee). I do believe that owner of the company set these accounts up because he asked for files on former employees (I found that odd, because […]


SSDI and fraud on child benefits?

My husband which I am separated from is getting ssdi and he signed a birth certificate of his girl friends son about 2 yrs ago knowing he wasn’t the father seeing how the kid is 8 yrs old and he didn’t even know them when the child was born. The reason my husband did this […]


HELP FRAUD!!!I found out today that someone has been using my social security number to get insurance!!!?

I originally wasn’t going to get insurance with my company then i did, but didn’t recieve a card. the benefits manager called me back with this info, i faxed her my social security number so she could clear it. i recently got updated credit reports from all three agencies so my credit hasn’t been tampered […]


I-485 pending for 8 years now. Her lawyer was arrested for allegedly participating in marriage fraud?

In 2003 she married a US citizen and filed I-485 and I-130 for her 2 children who were in her home country. Year 2005, I-130 for her children was approved but her I-485 petition is still pending (for 8 years now). The only benefit she gets is a work authorization. In 2007, I-485 was filed […]


Social Security Fraud help?

I called down to my local Social Security office December 16th, and wanted to report that a certain benefit that was being issued, was also being misused. The man on the phone asked for all the information and so I gave it to him and he told me to give some hot line a call, […]


How to report someone for State Aid fraud?

I know some one that is receiving state aid for full time child day care and is also receiving separate full time day care payments from the child’s biological father. This person is not, and has not been working full time for many years, yet is getting full time payment benefits from 2 sources. What […]


Who is coercing who when it comes to forced adoption?

I have been attending my sister’s court hearings lately as they threatened to take away her baby. There was definitely some fraud in my opinion as voluntary adoption papers had already been filled in with all her details, although our legal team could not prove duress. We ended up winning the case as I could […]


Can I be convicted of welfare fraud?

I got pregnant by a guy that I didn’t know, at the time, had entered the country illegally. We lived together for awhile, and I recieved Medicaid for myself and my son (I had never used my own). At the time of application, I had provided all income for our whole household, even though my […]


i have four kids and im going up for benefit fraud first offence will they lock me up?

i am not guilty of this i have four young kids and they have only hear say and 3 wittnesses i have more evedence and a really good lawyer do you think ill go to jail ive never been in trouble before or never to a trail in court this has been brewing for about […]


Can he get custody of his child?

I am friends with a person in a terrible situation. He has a child by his ex girlfriend who does drugs. The girlfriend has custody of the kid but will be going to jail soon because of tax fraud. He wants full custody of the child because she's doing drugs and going to jail so […]


welfare fraud how it affects the child?

if a parent is found guilty of welfare fraud..what happens to the childs benefit..because i understand in some cases or maybe all cases?? you lose all your benefits for good…how does the parent provide medical care for there child does the child have to go without medical because of the parents dumb mistakes?? or am […]

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