Why do people lie and say business get cheap labor from illegal?

The majority of illegals that work are commiting identity theft against americans and using fraudulent ssns. Most employers dont know that they forms that Jose/maria fill in are fraudulent and as such they get the normal rate of pay. So its a complete lie that business or anyone in the USA for example get any […]


Can one be prosecuted and convicted for enabling fraud under coercion?

My friend who worked for a bank was approached by criminal gangs & coerced to provide information to enable fraud. Fearing for his safety and that of his family after being threatened with guns & hssled for over 2 months, he complied and they were able to steal approximately £30K from 5 customer’s accounts. Investigations […]


Why were corporations back-dating options?

Companies A and B are very similar; stock in each was selling for per share in March, but is now at per share. Each company decides to issue options on 10,000 shares to its CEO with a strike price of ; company B simply issues these options this way, acknowledging their issue date, but company […]

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