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URS Corp. needs credit score for hire? Scam or not?

My sister applied for a job with URS Corp. off of Craigslist ans got this e-mail. "Hello Thank you so much for your interest in our opportunity. I appreciate you contacting us. In case our posting was not clear, some of the responsibilities of this position are as follows: * You will be answering the […]


Is this insurance fraud and should I report it?

I had a very bad experience at my last dentist’s office and walked out. The appointment was for a routine cleaning and exam. The dental hygienist was very rough and rude to me so I asked to see my dentist. They told me she was on vacation! I didn’t understand why they had me come […]


How do I find out if an organization is a fraud and scam?

This is a non profit organization that builds housing for families that have lost their homes etc… due to disasters. This organization is supposedly called " Raul Day International Organization" out of The Netherlands. Do I contact the Better Business Bureau or maybe some other agency to find out if this organization is legitamate?


I have a legal question about a business owner ripping me off?

I bought a computer from a small business in Tuscaloosa, AL. It never really worked right & the business owner was really sketchy, but I dealt with it. Well, after 2 years my computer wouldn’t even turn on so I took it to him & he said he would sell it for me & give […]


Home Business Systems, Trail Head Options, Premier Solutions?

Do you honestly think that you can sit on your tush all day and work at home just mailing stuff? It is a scam. They are all a scam….The State of AR filed suit against the owner of Home Business Systems, Trail Head Options aka, Premier Solutions and was fined more than million The judge […]


Is this telemarketing company a fraud??

I work for a company called grand discovery, it is a travel company. I am actually a telemarketer for them, working in a seperate building. they do not take taxes out of our paychecks, and gave us w-9 tax forms to fill out when i started. a major issue also is they get massive amounts […]


3 day contract rescision law?

entered into a fraudulent vacation club deal with dreamworks vacation club who stated they were endorsed by better business bureau(false) i disputed this contract with citicards and was denied refund because company alleges i signed a binding contract. i was under the impression that there is a 72 hour federal rescision law governing all contracts. […]

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