Did Mitt Romney say that corporations are people because he gets a lot of money from them through lobbying?

Last quarter, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney raised 18 million dollars for his campaign. Romney took in more than half a million dollars from registered lobbyists. One of Mitt Romney’s biggest fundraisers has been lobbying for a foreclosure firm while foreclosure fraud is still going on at an alarming rate. Some are suggesting that Goldman Sachs […]


Nicky Diaz Gets $5,500 From Meg Whitman & Why Want Obama Charge Her With Document Fraud Using Stolen Documents?

At a labor hearing today in San Jose, Nicky Diaz was awarded ,500 in back pay from her former employer, Meg Whitman. Thus ends the only storyline that most people will remember from the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, the upstairs/downstairs fable of the billionaire brought low by her illegal immigrant maid. Whitman probably won’t miss the […]


Godmen are on the run in Kerala, India! Fraud Evangelists still enjoys the cake! Why Govt. is afraid of them

Godmen of India mostly known as womanisers, cheats and frauds are on the run in Kerala as the Government is on a crack down campaign on them. But billionaire Godmen and women are still doing brisk business. It is to be admitted that one or two among them really do some real social work. But […]

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