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How to battle my little brothers Opiate addiction that's tearing our family apart? (very long im sorry)?

We are a very close family and this is tearing my family apart, more so my mothers marriage. I don’t know what options we have. My baby brother is 21 years old. He lives with my mom a few miles from me. He pays no rent, no utilities. He pays car insurance and his cell […]


Check Fraud in India (Stolen Check)?

Hi, I came to know that my father in-law stole one of my signed check (for indian bank) from my home in Canada, when he was visiting me (in USA). Even during his visit he threatened me about my marriage to his son and asked me to just do whatever they say. I never thought […]


Who makes charges for check fraud? The victim or that bank?

Say someone commits check fraud to my account. I see the missing money and immediately contacts the bank. After talking with the bank I discover a family member is that one who took the blank checks and money. If my family member returns all the money back to me or the bank, and I don’t […]


How do I find a lawyer that specializes in identity fraud? It involves a big firm in NYC?

I set up accounts with a fortune 500 company for my future and while they were setting up the acounts somebody got thier hands on all my paperwork, checks, Social Security number and made blank checks with all the information that I provided to this firm. We recieved a phone call from the police in […]

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