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Isn't social security the third rail of politics? What can we democrats do to get her the nomination?


is Bachmann correct? is Social Security a fraud? excuse me…a "tremendous" fraud…


Questions About Child Support!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

I’m 22 years old, with a fiancee and a 3 month old baby boy :)!!!!!!! My fiancee has another a daughter with his ex about 6 years ago and he hasn’t seen his little girl since she was 2 because of his ex. He tried everything he could to see her for about year and […]


Is it click fraud if people click MANY times each day on my Google Ads on my blog(s)?

I'm concerned because these blogs are on my own name, and this is a simple way to make meager amounts of cash. People who click n-thousand times each day on the ads on my blogs might cause Google to think I'm performing some sort of click fraud. How do i avoid this?

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