Are We Heading for another recession?

U.S. Downgrade Slams Stocks Worldwide- Breakout Stocks are getting slammed, reportedly in response to Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. But S&P’s downgrade isn’t the only culprit. Welcome to the new world disorder- The Daily Ticker U.S. debt remains ‘gold standard’- WSJ AIG sues BofA for billion alleging […]


Bank reported me to ChexSystems as fraud!!!?

So here is what happened: I have a tenant that has been writing me a check for the same amount for few years, i’ve been depositing that check into my Bank Of America account most of that time. In January of 2010, i’ve deposited the check just like many times before, money became available to […]


Who can I ask for legal advice when it comes to suing a bank?

My sister's account was closed because BofA accussed her of depositing a fraud check to an account that she closed 6 months ago.She went to the bank to talk to someone and they couldn't tell her how the check was deposited into a closed account.So now her existing account is closed and they don't want […]

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