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Liberals, so health insurance companies give bonuses to people who deny coverage?

This is another example of fact taken OUT OF CONTEXT. There is such a thing as MEDICAL FRAUD. Example: Someone gets in a wreck and claims they were severely injured so they can sue and get lots of money. This HURTS hospitals and insurance companies. If, however, you prove that it is a fraud, you […]


My GM is committing Time Clock Fraud & Company is Corrupt what do I do?

So, my direct supervisor left at the end of May and she was responsible for submitting my time sheet every week. Once she left my hours were then sent to be approved by my GM. My new supervisor started in end of June and only recently got access to my time clock. Since there is […]


Can i put "Fraud" on "Wall Street" sign?

I was wonder that I will get in trouble if I cover WALL with "Fraud" on WALL that could be "Fraud Street"….will I getting arrest for cover "WALL"? I am just very pissed off at Wall Street for begin with smile their faces with lot of money they made off us and dump us to […]


How come yahoo sponsors fraud over the internet? Crooks from London are emailing these “news” to thousands:

Yahoo’s legal should ask for help from Interpol. Dear: Tomas Kenedi, Congratulations from all the staff here in the British lottery department,you have been granted clarification as a winner of the BRITISH LOTTERY. For the avoidance of doubt,: Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5388/02 drew the lucky […]

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