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Does the reason for a personal loan matter?

I just got approved for a personal uncollateralized loan (This is NOT a small business loan or a car loan) and the reason I gave them for why I was taking out the loan is completely resolved so I no longer need the money for that. However, I would still like to take out the […]


Stated income loans..?

We have all heard the stories of those getting home loans were the payment was as much or more than their monthly take home pay. Many place this blame on the Credit Reinvestment Act. Their claim is the government forced them to make these loans. On many of these loans the borrower was able to […]


Is it true that most Americans don't give a damn about all the fraud involved in the foreclosure crisis?

"What’s sad is that most Americans who have an opinion about the foreclosure crisis don’t give a s___ about all the fraud involved. They don’t care that these mortgages wouldn’t have been available in the first place if the banks hadn’t found a way to sell oregano as weed to pension funds and insurance companies. […]


Who is at fault for the mortgage meltdown?

Would it be the public institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Private investment banking such as Bear Stearns? Individual mortgage brokers who would make ill-advised loans and go as far as to help clients commit fraud in financial reporting in order to get these loans? Individual borrowers who stretched themselves beyond their limits, […]

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