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I am having Legal problems with my boyfriend sister and her family.?

"I am having problems with my boyfriends Family. The sister wants me out of my boyfriends house which he told me to stay there even after the Judge issued a Protective order against him. I can’t see my boyfriend because the court issued a protective order we can’t have no contact at all. The Sister […]


My boyfriends doctor dis-charged him out and said he would like to stab americans with a knife. what can i do?

ok, my boyfriends doctor is from africa, he seemed to be a pretty nice guy, but we heard that he went to court for medical fraud, so my boyfriend was asking the patients who were outside if they knew anything about this, and one of them (who was a babysitter for the doctor) went in […]


Paternity Fraud equals Bad Cheaters !?

I’ve heard some women (Not All) brag and claim that they are better at cheating then men are . Which I think is Bull , because cheating on someone you claim to love means you’re lower than dirt . But , My question is , If these women claim to be better at cheating on […]


my boyfriends son and daughter used my social security number, can I press charges?

I live with my boyfriend (47) and his son (28). I recently found out his son and his daughter went behind my back and used the last four numbers of my social to transfer the cable bill out of my name and into his (the son). my boyfriends daughter pretending to be upon calling the […]


Can I file charges again for Credit Card Theft and Identity Theft after I have already dropped them?

It has been a year and a half since I have filed and dropped charges, do I have the option to file charges again? It was my boyfriends mother who filed the charges against my boyfriends ex-wife. She stole her credit card and told my boyfriend that she was letting her use it. He for […]


Do you think that those who get food stamps and govt subsidized apartments should be randomly drug tested?

I know people who sell their stamps for drugs and young girls who have babies and let their druggie boyfriends stay there and eat up all the children’s food.And the govt talks about medicare fraud


can a my ex wife and her family be charged if they abused the court system to commit a big crime?

My ex wife had me falsely arrested in one state kidnapped the children to take them to another so she could fraud a government welfare program while she was in the 2nd state played the laws of diffrent states against each other and created a real big mess told my kids theyed never see me […]


Is this insurance fraud?????

My boyfriends exwife has been using his health care insurance that she had when married…the divorce from two years age says she was to maintain her own insurance…she has since the divorce remarried and still uses his health plan for 136 claims within the last two years…is this fraud on her part??? and if it […]


ca commuinity property fraud?

im a merchant seaman my job keeps me away 2–3 months ata time…I been married 4 years my wife was exposed to cheating….before i could get home she put my house in her boyfriends house and they had eviction notioce for me…..remember it was a 4 year marrage and the house has been in my […]


Identity Theft??

My boyfriends step mother ordered a whole bunch of things in his name. Magazines, collectables, and things online. We aren’t in contact with her and we live 3 states away from her. She opened a whole bunch of diffecet acconts in his name and I just called all of the places she ordered from to […]


Help Is this child support fraud/neglect?

Ok, I have a boyfriend who I was living with for about four months. His mother did not buy him any food,clothes, or even a simple haircut. She got atleast 0-1000.00 in child support for two childern. None of the money from my boyfriends and his sisters child support went to them. 90% of the […]

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