With the demise of big labor which supported progress causes in years past, who speaks for the American worker?

The republican party has always existed because of corporate money but the democrats now take as much corporate blood money as do republicans due to lack of an organized base of union worker support. With both parties taking corporate bribes, tea party governors like Rick Scott (Mr. Medicare Fraud), who the hell speaks for the […]


Why do the police rarely ever arrest Corporate Criminals?

For example, companies such as Sears stole over 0 million using deceit, which is basically fraud. Firestone executives allowed faulty tires to remain on vehicles causing over 200 fatal crashes. Macy’s also did fraud with some people. NONE of these executives were arrested and sent to jail. Why do company executives rarely ever go to […]


Why does the AP sometimes include party affiliation and sometimes not in fraud stories?

It was not included in this story. Ex-congressman on trial over freezer cash, bribery Tue Jun 16, 7:48 am ET ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Opening statements are scheduled in the trial of a former Louisiana congressman charged with bribery after federal agents found ,000 in cash in his freezer. The case is scheduled to start at […]

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