To Whom and How do you report phyiscian complaints?

There’s a chiropractor in waterloo, WI. He acts like he is a God and can prevent women from getting breast cancer. He has no stats to prove his claim. Of course not, he is a fraud if making such a statement. He also enjoys talking about how he has cured this patient and that patient […]


About how much jail time would you get for tax fraud?

Okay, so my bio mom, and step father are getting a divorce. Before they decided that was going to happen, my mom felt the need to see her family in California. We live in Missouri with my step father, and all of his family, so it’s kind of difficult. After she left, over the phone […]


Welfare FRAUD??!!?

I had a disagreement with one of my neighbors about the way she spoke to my child(called my 5 year old a ‘liar’ in front of my face). It was a ridiculous e-mail argument because although we live in the same apt complex, she chose to confront me by email. The whole thing was weird […]

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