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Why do company executives who’ve been convicted of stock or any other type of fraud get to keep “their” money?

The boys from Enron are not the only frauds. This corruption has been happening for years. Different schemes by different names. RCA illegally borrowed money and bought stocks and ran up the prices then sold. A big reason for the American Depression. A certain few always seem to take the risk.What's the deterent ? A […]


Should I sue my family member or the mortage broker for fraud ?

In 2004 I leased my home to my brother for 00 a month which included utilities and he signed a lease. After 7 months of not paying his rent I asked him to move so that I could sell the home. He asked me if he could buy the home, I said yes. In the […]


To join the navy as a 17-year-old, who has to sign off?

My 17-year-old niece joined the Navy. The parents are divorced (not a friendly relationship) and her maternal grandparents are legal guardians. According to my brother, they needed both parent signatures plus the legal guardianship signatures. My brother never signed off that she could join. Is this still a binding contract with the Navy or did […]


How do I file an insurance fraud claim in Texas?

Attorneys mother was in a nursing home for 8 years brain dead with Alzeimers. Also he had a mentally retarded brother whom he took care of (State of Texas paid also) and he took out a policy. Amounts unknown. If he took out "too much", is this insurance fraud?


Thinking of buying a medical supply business. Owners claim Medicare has audited for fraud. How to confirm?

My brother is thinking of buying a medical supply business (wheelchairs, medical equipment, etc.) The vast majority of revenue comes through Medicare reimbursement. I'm concerned about the potential that much of their reported revenue is due to fraud. I don't necessarily have a basis for this but just want to make sure. Anyone know where […]

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