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Burglary/Fraud Detective?

Okay first of all I graduate in 3 years and I’ve been looking at job choices. One that I have always wanted to be is a Detective. Now, I have no problem with being a Homicide Detective (I’m OK with the dead) but I’d much rather be a Burglary or Fraud detective. Now if I […]


Why did Mark Stroman create fictional sister story and fictional 9/11 revenge story?

Mark Stroman who was put to death by lethal injection yesterday claimed that his sister was killed in WTC and as a result of that he went on a rampage to murder 3 asians (who by the way were not even arab or muslim). Then he said he was fighting terror. Prosecution proved that he […]


Why do Judges and Lawyers not care about the Victims of Crime?

In Law, a Crime is considered an Offence against society and not an an offence against an Individual. Because of this, you always see a lack of respect for Victims of Crime. Assault, theft, fraud, Burglary, robbery, break-Ins, Murder – All of these crimes involve a real Victim, but yet they are all considered in […]



My son: 15yrs old-Finial warning (Fraud) 16yrs old-Arrested for criminal damage (Appearing to court next month) -Arrested for theft/shoplift like 2weeks later (Current on bail if YOT team don’t contact him he will go court) He is a very bright lad, he is hoping to become an accountant. And the questions i have just got […]


How can I make a lawyer turn over his records of my late wife's will?

My step daughter has gone insane after her mothers death. The both of us were named as executors of the will. She STOLE my copy of the most recent will,and I filed a report with the sheriff. The sheriff told me that "if" a copy of the other will could be produced,then charges could be […]


What do you do if there are a list of crimes on your record that you have never committed?

Recently, a cousin of mine was denied a job at the post office because they said he had a criminal record. On it, it said he had committed burglary, spousal abuse, construction fraud, and business fraud. My cousin (age 22) has never been arrested in his life, does not have a wife, and wasn’t even […]


How have illegal aliens in your town affected you and your family?

More crime? More violence? Identity theft? Public intoxication? Public drug use? Domestic assault? Public fighting? Littering? Vandalism? Graffiti? Burglary? Armed robbery? Fraud? Leeching of public assistance? Once nice neighborhoods, now run down?


Would you turn your child in if they committed any of the following crimes?

Murder Rape Burglary: corporate owned or privately owned, "ma-pa" type of stores Grand theft Sale of drugs (including prescriptions and marijuana) Gang affiliation Hit and Run Fraud (if so, fraud against who?) Kidnapping Which of these would you turn them in for? Feel free to add anything else ETA: Domestic abuse


if your charged with felony burglary and felony identity theft and misademenor petty theft can you get probat?

can you get probation??? what are the chances?? its 1 count of burglary 2 counts of identity theft and 1 misademnor petty theft dont judge you dont know the truth.also, i had been arrested once before for burglary but not convicted will that work against me?

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