What Do You Think – TIME's List of Top 10 Risky Tax Return Moves?

1. Intentionally Creating Your Own Losses A South Carolina man intentionally burned down his home after his wife had an affair and instead of raking in the losses he was arrested for arson and got no money back. 2. Going Without Receipts One should always keep reciepts, especially for medical or big purchases. A man […]


If I am collecting early retirement from Social Security , how much can I earn per year from a pt job?

If I am self employed and allowed to earn approx 14k per year, also collecting early retirement social security benefits at 62yrs old. Are my business expenses , deductions, and exemptions added towards the 14k earnings or deucted from my gross? Trying to fugure out how much I can earn and still collect, and how […]


vat fraud by family making false claims?

someone in my family claims they employ me for a small salary about 6 thousand a year, and they put this on their vat returns. i do not work for them and this is a lie, they have been doing this for several years. i was left somewhat in the dark about this but have […]

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