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what to do when you made a fraud in a car acident that you wasn't there and everybody is asking for money back?

my wife had a car accident last year another car impact behind her car, she called me and i was in the accident 10 min later but when police came just asked for both of us drivers licence, so he made the report and i was as a passenger, my mistake was to make a […]


How to battle my little brothers Opiate addiction that's tearing our family apart? (very long im sorry)?

We are a very close family and this is tearing my family apart, more so my mothers marriage. I don’t know what options we have. My baby brother is 21 years old. He lives with my mom a few miles from me. He pays no rent, no utilities. He pays car insurance and his cell […]


Child's Father is Accusing me of car insurance Fraud, Can Someone Help?

To get car insurance in my name is more expense then it is to put it in my child’s father name. So he let me put the car insurance under his name. The car is in my name and i pay the car insurance as well. We did this so we can save money becuz […]


Can unmarried couples who live together have joint auto insurance in Illinois?

My fiance and I are getting married in January. We own a home together. We live in Cook County. We were having some issues with insurance and are in the process of combining our auto policies and changing over our homeowners policy. His insurance broker tried telling us that since we aren’t married yet, we […]


How do I go about Reporting Employment Insurance Fraud?

My ex went to school last year to be a licensed nurse while I worked and supported us both. After her course she left, and I discovered through certain documents that she had collected employment insurance and had the Government pay for her schooling because she claimed as an Independent and wrote off everything I […]


Welfare fraud question?

My husband just found out that his ex with whom he share 50% custody has been collecting cash aid for the past 10 months. He now has to pay back almost ,000 and they now started garnishing his wages making it nearly impossible for us to get by. He has two children with her and […]


benefit investigation fraud help?

Hi all im a single mother of three children i live own my own with my children and currently claim benefit but i have had a Visit from the fraud people at the social saying they think im a benefit fraud. Someone told them that i my ex partner lives with me six days a […]


Car insurance fraud maybe?

Is it car insurance fraud if I was to buy a car but ask my dad to get the insurance and say that he will be driving the car? Just so that the car is drivable. I mean I am always driving my parents cars anyways, and that is not illegal. Or would a better […]


Car Insurance Fraud – Please advice?

I am trying to get a new car insurance with progressive. They asked me if I had any citations recently (last 3 yrs) and I said no which is not true becuase I just got a citation. My citation was for going 10 miles over the limit. They did ask me for all of my […]


Is this insurance Fraud?

My Fiance and I have very expensive car insurance right now and when we went to change companies the company we were at (its a certified insurance company) wanted to keep our business so they made our insurance allot cheaper by saying we are married, but we are only engaged. Can we get in trouble […]


After the smoke clears from this latest BUSHCO goof of corporate bailout what do you think the polls will show?

? And do you think McCain should just drop out and retire with G,W.B and pray to avoid fraud/criminal,international war crimes and financial crime charges as a results of the current state of the union? or? If you still think a neocon /republican election win is posible explain why !!!!! Yes short bus but only […]

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