Car Dealership fraud?

We bought our 2006 Chevy Aveo back in 2008 through a first time buyer program. Origionally my wife was approved for a 2009. We got the 2009 but then after signing the paperwork and going home for a day we get a call saying that the financing fell through and we had to bring the […]


What can I do with this fraud case?

I payed my rent to my apartment company. and they supposably lost the money. So I call western union and they send me the info, then the money orders say completely different things then what they said. Someone from the management company stole them and used them to pay their things like a car payment […]


Repossession and dealership fraud?

Recently we have had two double whammys….my husband got injured at work and our income has been greatly reduced which lead to us getting behind on our car payment and now facing repo but we also have recently uncovered that there are some illegal items with regards to the car and the car loan….first, odometer […]

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