Is this Insurance Fraud? And what are the penalties?

A few days ago, a deer ran into the car I was driving. (Yes, the deer literally ran into the car). I called the insurance company, gave them details on the damages, recieved a claim number, and was told they’d come look at it. The car is in my Dad’s name, as well as the […]


Insurance fraud?

I was called last night at 11:15pm and told by chp that they were calling about possiable insurance fraud. My stupid phone went dead and when I called back, I couldnt get anyone. They didnt call when they found my burnt car before I reported it stolen. The p.d told me that c.h.p. had it […]


Would this be considered insurance fraud?

Someone I know was in a car accident. They were hit from behind and pushed into 2 other cars. The person that hit her doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all of the damage. So the person I know sued the person that hit her to cover the damage of her car. Meanwhile, the person […]

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