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Is This Child Support Fraud?

I’m in florida, I placed my husband on child support for two kids 3yrs back.. We reconciled over a year ago and he has then sinced moved back in and we had another child. Am I committing child support fraud if i’m still collecting benefits from the govt and not putting a stop to the […]


What is the best way of getting someone for SS Disability fraud?

I know a girl who has a mental disorder. She receives SSI because of it. She started getting it at age 15 but was removed because she was evaluated and did no longer have the condition. Then at the age of 20 she got it back. According to her she is suppose to be living […]


Does any of this count as welfare fraud?

This is more of a vent but as the question line says…. Ok, I have a friend who is, in my opinion, taking such advantage of the welfare system in her state that I am ready to report her. For starters, she’s a single mother who is pregnant with her fourth child and she gets […]


Is this fraud? what can I do?

My fiance has twin boys that he has 50/50 custody of his boys, he already pays child support that he offered. The boys are on my private health insurance. My question is that the mother is married to someone now, neither work though they are perfectibility able( rather live off the state) , just had […]


What to do about benefits, DHS, child support problem?

*Before I ask this question I’d like to state that I am aware of the legal implications of the mistake(s) I made and have already berated myself a great deal over it, and also need advice from someone who is knowledgeable in this area if possible. At least someone who isn’t going to generalize and […]


Can’t Get Daycare Thru Job and Family Or Any Help, Please Help!?

Hi guys, I need some help please. I moved with my fiance to live with him and my son from a previous relationship. I changed my JFS case to the county I’m in and since then I have had nothing but trouble. I tried to apply for cash assistance and was told I had to […]


how do you report welfare fraud in florida?

asomeone i know family member is recein=ving foods stamps and cash assistance in 2 diferent states i dont thimk is right for people who work hard and have to pay taxes like me and others please help


Does this sound like child neglect to you?

I’m on the fence about reporting a woman I know who has Food Stamps and continually and habitually "sells off" her Food Stamps for money for alcohol, cigarettes, and most likely, drugs. Meanwhile, there will be days — in a row, where her children won’t even have milk or cereal or any food in the […]


Can I get reimbersed for child support since my ex has been lying to domestic relations and the welfare dept.?

My ex and I have a four year old son together. I have been living in the same address as her since we met six years ago. She has been on SSI and welfare before we ever met. When our son was born it struck me odd that I was ordered to pay 0 a […]


i know someone who is commiting welfare fraud or least i consider it that what should i do?

i know someone who has food stamps and cash for their child yet there child is not living with them and they will not sign off the foodstamps or the cash assistance for that child they are also reciving wic for this child and they people who this child is living with has no help […]


welfare fraud how it affects the child?

if a parent is found guilty of welfare fraud..what happens to the childs benefit..because i understand in some cases or maybe all cases?? you lose all your benefits for good…how does the parent provide medical care for there child does the child have to go without medical because of the parents dumb mistakes?? or am […]


Child Support Fraud?

State of: Missouri My fiance (custodial parent) was divorced last year. Seprated since Sept, 2006. Ex wife (non custodial parent) went to family services and got temp cash assisance-welfare, who WERE NOT living with her bc she abanoded the marriage and moved away. After many many court hearings, he got his TAX REFUND intercepted for […]

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