What type of lawyer to hire if any?

long story short. I was told by email by the Viet. embassy in DC that I do not need a tourist visa to visit Vietnam as a tourist. However upon arrival there (in Hanoi), I was deported immediately. The police changed my ticket. The airline wants me to pay for the ticket. The Viet embassy […]


Credit Card Fraud? Please help!!?

Hello, I have been using godaddy.com for stuff a couple days. I have only purchased 2 items on godaddy.com, which was Hosting plan-1 year for (with 10% off) and domain. I even have the receipt for them. Then one day all my family was at work and at school. I didnt and my parents didnt […]


Did Gateway breach warranty contract?

I bought a tablet from Gateway January ’08. It arrived defective and I was told to stop using it and send it in immediately for service. After three months of being ignored, insulted, drug through the mud, etc by GW customer and technical support, I filed a dispute with my cc company for Service not […]

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