My significant other has an ex-wife who I believe is committing interstate fraud. She lives in Oregon and…..

we live in California. She’s collecting money from the county in CA and the county in OR along with collecting SSI for their child in OR too.She keeps opening up new child support cases on him and filing more papers that it’s confusing him and the "System".She’s using the child support money to pay her […]


If a woman fraudulently files child support on a man shouldn't she goto jail?

There have been many cases where women claims that a man is the father of a child and KNOWS that man is not the child’s father. The man often has to pay legal fees and has his wages garnished until he proves that he is not the father and the court hears the case. On […]


What is your opinion on child support?

I have 1 daughter from a previous relationship. She lives with me and visits her dad when ever she doesn’t have school or other plans. I do not ask for child support or receive it, I personally feel that the entire domestics systems is jacked up. I struggle from time to time so its not […]

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