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Will child get social security in arrears?

I have a 13 year old child. Her father (who has never been involved in her life) does not pay child support b/c the state determined he has "too many children" (9 total) and only some of them qualified for payments (not my child though, even though she’s the oldest of them). I recently found […]


How do I prove a fraud to the domestic relations /pa support office??Shy Draggers?

My ex wrote letter to Child Support Enforcement that he is totally disabled and dying of Shy-Dragers? He never had to prove it or show up for an appeal hearing they lowered his child support 90% of the previous order.He only called by phone and told them he was on hospice and recieving SSDI. He […]


What to do about benefits, DHS, child support problem?

*Before I ask this question I’d like to state that I am aware of the legal implications of the mistake(s) I made and have already berated myself a great deal over it, and also need advice from someone who is knowledgeable in this area if possible. At least someone who isn’t going to generalize and […]


Does lying about your income qualify as child support fraud?

My coworker is trying to get child support from the father of her daughter and I have reason to believe she is submitting fake pay stubs to her child support enforcement officer. I saw the fake stubs on her desk and I know how much money she actually makes. She is claiming that she makes […]


What do i do? husband's ex violated child support order knowingly…?

On August 13, 2009 my husband was ordered to pay child support. The court order had all kinds of stipulations about medical, school, daycare, etc. One of the orders (number 14) in the court order states exactly: The respondent shall claim CHASITY (last name) for tax exemptions every year and the Petitioner shall claim CAITLYNN […]


What do I do about false claims of child support?

My ex-girlfriend came to the state I live for a month filed for a bunch of welfare got baker acted and after her release took off back to her home in another state,while she filed for assistance the state told her they were going to force child support on me because we hadnt been to […]


Can a woman be ordered to pay child support on a child that is not hers and she didn't adopt?

Men frequently find themselves in these situation when they get a letter from child support enforcement, but ignore it because they know they never had sex with the woman, or are incapable of having children. This leads to a default order. In the first case in the country (1998), a Maryland man, who had testicle […]


We have been caring for a child who is not ours in NV. Mom collects child support and pays little and now none

We have been caring for a child who is not ours since Nov 2007. Her mom (volatile relationship with daughter) collects 0 a month in child support for 2 kids and only gave us 0 a month up until April. In may, that child support was just for the girl we have with us. Dad […]


my question is dealing with divorce. my BF’s ex-wife is collecting child support, which would be find if the

kids lived at home, but two of three don’t. and the ex-wife nor the kids will tell the child support enforcement or courts to get them off child support. both kids work and live outside of their mother’s home for years. yes they have moved back once or twice but never stayed for longer than […]


Need Child Support Attorney, fathers rights advocate! To investigate Child support enforcement agency fraud!?

I've been court-ordered to pay child support since 1994. My ex-wife filed for divorce in 1998. Court had no knowledge of divorce until recently discovering it online by communicating with IL. Child support court order originated in Dane County Madison, WI. Dane County collected child support from me begining in 1994 until 2006, and now […]


Who should be notified if you find that your employer is aiding child support fraud?

I work for a company that helps employees avoid child support by paying part of their wages to their spouse who does not work for the company. I sent an email to child support enforcement but haven't heard anything. Sitting on hold while trying to call their office isn't the most pleasurable experience in the […]

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