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Please help I have commited tax credit fraud?

Hi I have been so foolish, I have stupidly still claimed for child tax credit for over two years. Please don’t judge me, I was having serious financial difficult and have been terrified to phone them and stop for fear of getting investigated. Well today my worst nightmare has came true. I have reviews a […]


Feel like I am committing tax fraud?

Ok, so I was doing my taxes. I made around 30k. After deducting head of household, the eic and the child tax credit I am getting a refund. I feel like I am doing something wrong because it’s like I got tax credits 3 different times for the same 2 kids. Am I doing something […]


The best way to report false child claiming "tax fraud"?

My ex fiance, for 2-3 years, has been claiming 2 children with US SS#’s that live in Mexico. The families that allow him to do so only ask for 0 in return while he keeps the rest of the child tax credit. I know this because he has boasted endlessly about how much money he […]


Has anyone ever been advised that they can only claim two of their children on their tax return?

I have heard from an alarming amount of people that they were advised by a tax firm or someone working for them that they can only claim two of their children on their tax return? A taxpayer may only be eligible for Earned Income Credit for two children only, but the deduction for a dependent, […]


I need legal tax advise. What happens if both separated parents claim the child?

My Ex and I have been apart for over 4 years. My daughter lives with me and my husband. My ex was not supposed to claim her on his taxes because we fully support her. He pays about 0 a year in child support and my ex only sees her for less than a month […]


can i get my husband for tax fraud? what i can i do?

husband rec’d income child tax credit ,and file as head of house hold,and where in two differnt states.and i had our since birth.


what happens if someone is trying to claim another person’s child on their taxes? What are the penalties?

My husband has a seven year old son who lives part of the time with his mother and her live-in boyfriend. Her boyfriend is insisting on covering the minor on his group health insurance and he is also claiming the child on his taxes as a dependent and getting the child tax credit every year. […]

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