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Burglary/Fraud Detective?

Okay first of all I graduate in 3 years and I’ve been looking at job choices. One that I have always wanted to be is a Detective. Now, I have no problem with being a Homicide Detective (I’m OK with the dead) but I’d much rather be a Burglary or Fraud detective. Now if I […]


Legal consequences for medicaid fraud and food stamp fraud in Arkansas?

I just heard through the family that my cousin is guilty of food stamp fraud and medicaid fraud… it’s a long story and there’s no doubt he and his wife are guilty.. they recieved a call from the Dept of Human Services Investigation Division, and admitted everything… and are willing to cooperate. But, I’m trying […]


Is someone with bad credit safe from identity theft?

Meaning, I know someone who says that society is now making a big deal over it and that it will never happen to him, because he already has bad credit, mostly due to his own choices anyway, and that the best way to be safe from identity theft is to already have bad credit. How […]


Should I get a credit card? How do you choose the best credit card?

I just finished college, and work full time. I have a debit card, and building good credit from paying off loans. A lot of people have been telling me to get a credit card, but I wonder if it really is necessary. Please give me some good reasons to get a credit card other than […]

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