What do you think Obama's poll numbers would be like if the Media wasn't willing to lie for him & against Reps?

If the media were just honest. If they had put close to the effort towards finding dirt on Obama as they did Bush or any Republican, if they didn’t give Obama more than 10 times more media exposure than they gave Bush, to put out his spin & BS. If the Democrats didn’t have a […]


Who can we trust anymore…?

Bank fraud, Ponzi schemes, Wall Street swindles, banks stocks dropping to practically nothing, paying for the sins of others wih another stimulous package so the whole thing doesn’t collapse all at once…. and how come Chris Dodd name seems to come up in a lot of these scandals?. Is it just me or are you […]


What are your frustrations with the Obama Administration & Bush Administration that inspire Protest Now?

A Few Of Mine, Someone who voted for Obama, and feel deeply betrayed, lied to, and screwed over: Obama making such a big deal about the Patriot act, then keeping it, and making it more invasive to US citizens than it was by dropping any penalties or over sight on taping phone lines within the […]

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