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Which is a more dangerous threat to America: economic or social liberalism?

In the last 50 years, economic liberalism has seriously damaged our capitalist system of innovation and competition. Welfare programs have increased poverty and crime. Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt. Government agencies are burdened with massive waste, corruption and fraud. Social liberalism attacks the moral fiber of society. Liberals promote anti-social behavior such as […]


Bush is a Liar….?

The stock and trade of George Bush is that he is a liar. He used subterfuge and lies to lead this Nation into war and subterfuge and lies to defeat his opponent in the recent presidential election. This alone disqualifies George Bush from the ranks of Christianity. But beyond this, his lies are bringing death, […]


There is so much historical evidence out there that the entire family of abrahamic religons is a fraud, so why?

do so many people follow them. It doesn’t take a rocket science to connect the plagarism dots between the much older epic of gilgamesh, king sargon myth, babylonian creation myth etc and noah, moses, and genesis etc. And these are but a few. The whole old testament is full of events that history and science […]


Will Christianity end if it is found to be a fraud?

Well, actually, not only will it end, but should it end? Who would want to believe in something that is not only a fraud, but is also a very bad thing? I read a reply that was posted to a question about the Piso family creating Christianity which said that IF it is proven that […]


Is Obama is engaging in irresponsible spending Obama pledges US immigration Dream Act reform on the QT?

Why Is Obama supporting the dream act &will Obama expand the dream act to the entire world document fraud can do wonders these days ? Look at Obama-Acorn -voter fraud-Obama and his policies have endangered the U.S. Obama is responsible for the recession, stock market decline Obama will raise your taxes and cap your paycheck […]


How do Atheists explain all the horrible things that mankind is responsible for?

Homicide, Genocide, Rape, Torture, Famine, Child rape, Cheating, Stealing, Fraud, Lying, Child killers.. isn’t it clear that we’re all in a sinking boat and we need to be saved. Christianity makes so much sense. All these things, all the dictators, all the blood that has been spilled.. ..and you’re telling me that we aren’t inherently […]

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