As a two-time federal "tort victim" turned "whistleblower", how do I get the government off my back?

The government has continually harrassed me through invasion of privacy and interfered in my employment, healthcare, education, insurance, etc. for a couple of decades. I turned the government in for mismanagment, fraud and abuse ( stealing million and systematically murdering anyone who got in their way) during the Reagan administration while working for the Department […]


Do you think that child pedophilia and criminal scandals was the downfall of the republican party?

The republican party is riddled with child mollestation, lies, corporate scandals, lies, deception, outing CIA agents, Killing innocent civilians, attacking countries that never attacked you, church rape scandals, election fraud, money laundering ( tom delay), lying at the state of the union speach, etc and the list goes on. Do you think history will remember […]

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