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Is it marriage fraud to marry a stranger overseas. If you really intend to make a life-commitment.?

It would involve getting a citizenship. I do not view it as lying if you really intend to marry the individual and have babies and so on. Like if your friends hook you up or you meet on a mail order bride or internet dating site. BUT you never met the person face to face […]


Do you agree with U visa's for illegal aliens who claim domestic violence?

Is this not another way for illegals to commit fraud and cry domestic violence to just become legal? The mother put her in this situation and would have had to sign for her to get married. Shouldn’t the mother be prosecuted? Why should illegal aliens who are here breaking laws, who put themselves in these […]


Green Card through Marriage Fraud?

I know someone personally who has been in the US for around 9 years now and got married to an American for her green card.She’s waiting for her citizenship now, which she told me will get next year. The American man doesn’t even live with her, but she calls him to visit her whenever she […]


How to reduce fraud marriage?

I have a lot of guy friends (foreigners) who marry American Citizens to get a green card for themselves. Most of the time they stay married till they get their citizenship. I am appalled by the lengths they go to. My friends lie to the women they marry that they love them, buy them nice […]


Can I leave Canada while waiting for my refugee applicaton to be accepted?

I am a LEGAL United States citizen. My father was detained by immigration due to fraud that our immigration lawyer commited so after being bailed out he feared that all of our family would also be detained and decided the best solution was to go to Canada as refugees. We are originally from Colombia and […]


Who I contact first about Identity Fraud?

I have information about an individual who has allowed his relative to work under his Social Security number so that he could gain citizenship this country. Both he and his significant other were in on this scam. The relative would work in his name and allow child support to garnish his wages for support to […]


How can i use email as proof in a court in euin a case of fraud?

I do have her old adress of that person with full details but problem is that she is from one country as her nationality has another country as citizenship and works in ireland at this point at least till 2 months ago i had contact with her. My problem here except in what countrys law […]


How can a LEGAL US immigrant arriving as a minor but now an adult separate from her parents’ deportation?

This is a long and complex question, so it may take someone with immigration law experience to answer, but I would greatly appreciate any answers or advice that anyone can contribute. My friend immigrated here with her parents when she was 14 years of age. Since that time, she has done everything right, followed all […]


Welfare FRAUD??!!?

I had a disagreement with one of my neighbors about the way she spoke to my child(called my 5 year old a ‘liar’ in front of my face). It was a ridiculous e-mail argument because although we live in the same apt complex, she chose to confront me by email. The whole thing was weird […]


Are the growing number of immigration scams the reason why…..?

illegal immigrants carry fake or non-matching identification or Social Security numbers? A lot of immigrants are too afraid to report these scams, and the criminals go on about businesses to prey on more innocent people. Can this be the reason why illegals posses such documents? Immigration Scams Anti-Fraud Campaign Against Citizenship Scams Unveiled


how much does it cost to hire an immigration lawyer?

my husband is planning to file for his US citizenship, he’s been a green card holder for almost 7 years, he already filed a petition for me and our daughter, is it possible that if my husband hire an immigration lawyer, our daughter and i will immigrate faster to the US?


is allowing the illegal parents of a child born in America to remain in the US, good for everyone involved?

should they all be repatriated to their country of origin since the childs a minor & should remain w/them. allowing them to return only when they have gone thru proper INS procedures? allowing the child back in when theyre of age to return legally on their own. since their parents have already commited fraud how […]


Marriage fraud lovers…?

Why do you love legals so much? All legals I know as such by marriage fraud:those are former illegals, too tired of waiting for amnesty, who paid -15,000 to marry a US citizen for papers. You won't believe how many people do it! And why not, if that's the only way to become a US […]

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