tax fraud or identity theft?

During the year of 2008 I was eighteen years old and in my second year of college I had work two jobs that summer. I asked my parents to file my taxes for me while I continued to do my daily activities. I was in college in VA and my parents in FL. My parents […]


How do you protect yourself against identity theft by a family member? (Your driver's license specifically)

Someone has taken and gotten numerous traffic tickets in my name and I am currently getting them resolved. I need to know how to prevent this in the future. I already contacted the prosecutor’s office and they stated that it was a civil matter. I can’t prove that she is doing it. I just can […]


Victim of financial fraud by a Calif chiropractor ? You, family, or friend ?

My late wife, a cancer patient, was defrauded by a San Fernando Valley, CA, chiropractor in 2003. He borrowed large sums from her; and also used her credit card, charging over ,000, using it even after her death. He also increased the credit limit & changed the VISA billing address to his own personal PO […]

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